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About me


I'm 43 years old. I graduated Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics department of the Moscow State University. I have two pretty nice daughters (twins) and a little son.

My work

My experience is based on information techonoly area. My first job experience was at IT-magazine's editorial staff, where I started to write something. Then, successively I worked at IT-departments of software development companies as programmer and system analyst. Currently I work at “Medialogia” company on project management position.

Most projects I participated in were based on C++, Object Pascal and PHP developing tools.

My interests

Behind the IT-area I have interests also in photography, bass-guitar (beginner), skis/bike, and Hi-Fi equipment.

My e-mail address


I'd like to thank authors of free software that I use almost every day:

OS GNU/Linux GNU (FSF, Linus Torvalds)
Manjaro (Archlinux)
Internet navigator Mozilla FireFox (Mozilla)
E-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird (Mozilla)
Graphic image editor GIMP (Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis)
Graphic image editor MyPaint (Мартин Ренольд)
Non-linear video editor Kdenlive
Audio editor Audacity (Richard Ash и др.)
Audio player Audacious (John Lindgren и др.)
Text editor Geany (Colomban Wendling и др.)
Office applications LibreOffice (The Document Foundation)
HTTP-server Apache (Apache Software Foundation)
Script translator for web development PHP (PHP community)
FTP-client FileZilla (Tim Kosse)

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